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URLSHORTENER.INFO is a free tool to help shorten a long link into a short link according to the standard SEO structure.
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URLShortener allows shortening any link length from any Website you want. Create multiple links with characters in accordance with current SEO standards. Creating a shortened link is very simple. Just paste and click. The system will automatically generate a quick shortened link for you.

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Your shortened URL increases the security of your brand. Diversify antrotext pointing to the original link by optimizing SEO standard shortened links. Shortened links are used everywhere such as on forums, Emails, on social networking sites, reviews, blogs,... You can easily track the frequency of clicks on each shortened link with professional report


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You can get shortened link on any device you want such as laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone,...

Frequently asked Questions.

What is a shortened url?

A shortened URL, also known as a shortened link, is a tool to help optimize a link with a length of many characters, shortening it into a link of shorter length.

This tool works by converting a link and redirecting to the original link when clicked. You just need to click on the shortened link. Then it will automatically redirect to the original link.

Below is a description of how to use a shortened link. You have a link After you minify them they will become When you click on the link it will automatically redirect to the link

It is convenient to use shortened links.

The use of many shortened links helps you diversify the many links pointing to your website. This is very beneficial for you in doing SEO on search engines.

For someone who has hundreds of links with a lot of characters in length, you should use this link shortener. Create aesthetics and professionalism for your affiliate in marketing or advertising products.

You can easily share your link to anywhere without fear of any trouble

Why should you use our company's link shortening service?

Url shortener has a system to process and create links quickly and simply without having to register. You can generate hundreds of links a day without registration. Especially we have a premium package with unlimited link creation with the cheapest price compared to all other providers. You can use Full all our features.

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